What Are On The Go Books?

On The Go Books is really just a descriptive phrase used for books that you can take anywhere…specifically, books on CD or MP3.

On The Go Books

Get Books On CD - They Go Anywhere!

It references the ease and simplicity of putting a narrated book on CD into the car stereo or other media player so you can do other things while you listen. Listening to an audiobook while ironing or driving or gardening is liberating. Your hands are free to do something else.

Books on CD – or audiobooks – are the ultimate ‘on the go books’. People listen to books everyday. In fact, many people prefer to listen to their books as opposed to reading them. They do it because they are able to mult-task.

Plus, listening to a book on CD also allows you to experience the book in a different way. You get the narrator’s tone and inflection. You get to understand the character names or geographic locations. You get to experience professional readers and how they approach the reading of a book.

Listening is subjective though. While some people prefer to listen, other people prefer to read their books the old fashioned way.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys listening to books on CD, you might enjoy OnTheGoBooks.com.

OnTheGoBooks.com offers a wide selection of audiobook rentals. Click here to find out how to rent books on CD.


How Renting Audiobooks Online Works

While most people “read” their books, there is also a growing number of people who “listen” to their books. How to rent audiobooks

An audiobook is a book that is read by a narrator and then created as some type of audio format – a CD, tape, MP3 or downloadable digital format.

Who listens to audiobooks or books on CD?

  • People who have a longer commute to work
  • People who travel
  • People who want to work around the house or yard

And how does someone rent an audiobook or book on CD?

It’s pretty easy. You find an audiobook rental service online (just Google ‘audiobook rental’ and you’ll get 5 or 6 options).

Obviously, we think OnTheGoBooks.com is the best place to rent books on CD!

If you’re not already a member of one of the audiobook rental services, you can join very quickly. Typically all you need to create an account is your name, address and a credit card. Most services offer very low monthly payment plans.

Once you’ve joined, you can select the books that you want to rent. You can create a list of as many books as you want.

The audiobooks will be mailed to you and you keep them as long as you need. When you’ve finished, just return them and your next book will be shipped automatically.

Pretty simple really!

Remember – audiobooks on CD are different than audiobooks as a digital downloadable file. An audiobook on CD comes in an MP3 format so it can be played on a stereo, at home or in a car.


Where Can I Rent Audiobooks Online?

There are a lot of options for renting audiobooks online, but the secret to ‘where to rent’is really very simple.

audiobook rental

Renting Audiobooks Online Is Easy

Here is what you should look for in an audiobook rental service:

  • A wide selection of popular titles
  • Easy ordering
  • Unlimited audiobook rentals per month
  • Low monthly membership fee
  • Good customer service if problems arise

There are other things to consider as well such as no due dates on audiobook returns, no late fees and no contracts to sign.

Renting audiobooks online is easy. You just need to find the right service.

At OnTheGoBooks.com, we focus on creating a customer focused experience.

  • Joining is easy.
  • Browsing for books is easy.
  • Receiving and returning the books on CD is easy too.

At OnTheGoBooks.com you can choose from thousands of books on CD, ranging from autobiographies, to history books to classics and current best-selling fiction. So if you’re looking for a good place to rent audiobooks online, please come visit us!