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The Service
Explain how this service works.
How long may I keep an audiobook?
My Audiobook "Rental List"

Paying for the Service
When will I be charged my monthly membership fee?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Receiving Audiobooks in the Mail
Where will you mail audiobooks?
How are the audiobooks packaged and mailed?
How many audiobooks come in one mailer?
How long will it take to get my audiobooks?
I received one/some of the mailers, but not all of them.
I lost the prepaid return mailer used for returning the audiobook.
What if I don't receive a mailer at all?
Problems with a CD
How do I report a missing or damaged CD?
6 Month Pre-Paid Plans
Gift Memberships
Still have a question? E-mail Us and we'd be glad to help you out.

Explain how this service works.

On the Go Books Members sign up for one of four Membership Plans. Different rate plans determine how many audiobooks a member may have checked-out at any one time. Using the website, Members build a list of those titles they would like to listen to. On the Go Books then ships the highest priority items via USPS First Class two-way mailer.
Members enjoy the audiobooks for as long as they choose. When they are finished with a book, they simply place it in the postage-paid return mailer and drop the mailer in the mailbox. Once On the Go Books receives the return mailer, the next available title on the member s Rental List is mailed immediately.

How many audiobooks may I check out at once?

Let's say for example, that you signed up for the three-selection plan. We will allow you to have up to three selections out at any time. If you return one selection back to us, we'll send out one selection from your Rental List (the first available starting at the top of your list). If you send back two audiobooks, then we'll send you the next two available titles on your Rental List.... and so forth. This ensures that you will always have three audiobooks at once (either in your possession or in the mail), provided you keep plenty of audiobooks on your Rental List. 

How long may I keep an audiobook?

You can keep an audiobook for as long as you want without late fees or any other penalties as long as you are a member!

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How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership at anytime by visiting the Contact Us page and asking us to cancel your membership. Please note that your account can NOT be fully cancelled if you have any audiobooks checked out. You will have 3(three) days from the date of cancellation to return checked out titles without further charges.

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What is "My Rental List?"

My "Rental List" is the list of titles you've selected to rent. You can update or edit your Rental List anytime. Initially, we'll send you the first available titles from your Rental List. When you're finished with one of the books you have out, send it back so we can ship the next available title from your Rental List.
To rent an audiobook, click the 'Add To List' button next to any title. This title will be added to your Rental List.

To adjust the priority of audiobooks, change the number in the Priority column and then click Update List. It's also easy to change the priority of more than one title at a time. Simply change the priority of as many books as you want and then click Update List -- the site will make all the necessary changes. To remove titles from your Rental List, check the Remove box next to any book.

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 Once I add titles to My Rental List, to I have to check out?"
You never have to check out. Once you have registered as an active member, you simply keep your Rental List updated as you see fit. After adding titles to (or deleting titles from, or re-prioritizing titles on) your Rental List, simply Log-Off the On the Go Books website. Your Rental List is saved as is, and we will send you your selections for however many rental slots you have open.
Keep in mind that On the Go Books fills open rental slots, usually within hours (and sometimes within minutes) of a rental slot coming open. We always make sure you have logged off the website prior to finalizing sending your next selection, but it is still best to tweak your Rental List when you know you won t have a rental slot coming open. Most members do this right around the time they drop a finished selection in the mail.

 What happens if all copies of my top priority title are checked out to other members?
When you return an audiobook or have an open slot in your rental List, we make every effort to ship your first choice. To help you get the most out of your membership, if a title in a higher spot is out of stock, we'll send your next available in-stock title. This way, you will always have great audiobooks on hand!
If you would rather receive your highest priority title next, you may use the 'Lock List' feature of the Rental List. By locking your queue, we will wait to send you anything until your highest priority item becomes available. This ensures that you have an open rental slot when your requested title is returned by another member and is available for you.

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I sent back an audiobook, but I never got the next one on my Rental List.
Once a title you return has been checked back into our inventory, you'll receive an email confirmation of its return. We will then ship the next available title from your Rental List. You can always check the My Account page on the site to see whether we have received the audiobook you've returned. If 7 days pass, and you don't receive a confirmation email from us, please use the Contact Us page to report the issue. 
NOTE: ALL CDs from a particular audiobook must be returned to On the Go Books before we will count the book as returned. Sometimes audiobooks will come to you in multiple mailers, and you will need to return them in multiple mailers. Each CD from the audiobook must be returned before we can open your rental slot. 

When will I be charged the monthly membership fee?

Your flat monthly membership fee (plus tax, where applicable) is automatically billed on the monthly anniversary of your first charge. For example, if your first charge was on the 17th of the month, your next charge is on the 17th of the following month.
Note: The day you sign up for membership is your first day.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

At this time, we only accept payment via valid credit card, processed via the On the Go Books website.

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How do I update the credit card information on my account?

You are able to update your credit card information (e.g., when you have reached expiration or simply want to switch cards) by clicking "My Account" and then clicking the "Edit Account" button at the bottom of the page. You will also use this section to update your address, change your login password, etc.

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Why is the charge on my card a little higher than the price for my rate plan?

If you are a Florida resident, you will see that the total charge to your credit card is a little higher than posted rate for your plan. This total charge includes sales tax of 7.0%. For example, the total charge for a $26.95 rate for a Florida resident is $28.84, which includes sales tax of $1.89.

Where will you mail audiobooks?

We only ship within the United States.
Within the U.S. we ship to every state and territory, including APO addresses.

How are the audiobooks packaged and mailed?

All of our audiobooks are sent by first class mail in a padded, two-way CD mailer. If you're returning our audiobooks at your local post office, you may return our pre-paid postage mailers through the metered mail slot, if available.

How many audiobooks come in one mailer?

Our special On the Go Books two-way CD mailer will never have more than one TITLE in it. However, most audiobooks include more than one CD. We will usually pack up to ten CDs (from the same title) in one mailer.
The mailer includes clearly marked instructions for using it as a postage paid return mailer when you are finished with the audiobook.

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How long will it take to get my audiobooks?

When you have an open rental slot, we immediately ship your highest priority available audiobook. Audiobooks usually arrive within 1 to 5 business days, but occasionally some audiobooks may take longer to arrive because of postal delays.

The US Postal Service does not process our mail on weekends and on certain holidays throughout the year. On the Go Books will process rentals on the next business day following these holidays.


I received one/some of the mailers, but not all of them.

Sometimes mailers that are mailed together from On the Go Books become separated from one another in the mail. Even with delays, we would expect ALL mailers to get to you within 5-7 days of the notification we send you upon shipping out the selection. If by this time you have not received your audiobooks, please let us know! E-mail Us, or call us at (813) 365-2776.

Do I have to return ALL of the selections in my possession to get the next title on my Rental List?

No. Return one full selection, and you will be sent the next available selection from your list.

I lost the protective sleeve for the audiobook CD(s).

If you lost the white sleeve in which the CD(s) arrived, please take measures to secure and protect the audiobook for its return trip to On the Go Books. Sleeves are easy to replace; audiobooks are not!

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I lost the prepaid return envelope used for returning the audiobook.

If you misplaced one of our prepaid return mailers, you may mail the audiobook CD(s) to:
On the Go Books
P.O. Box 2283
Riverview, FL 33568-2283
Please take measures to secure and protect the CD(s) you are returning this way.

What if I don't receive a mailer at all?

On The Go Books will always send you e-mail notification when a particular title ships to you. If you do not receive a title within 7 business of our e-mail to you, please let us know! Leave us notice via the Contact Us page, or call us at (813) 365-2776.
In addition to getting you the audiobook you are waiting for, we will have Postal Inspectors investigate the issue.

How do I report a missing or damaged CD?

If you have any problems with any of the CDs you have received, please let us know immediately so that we can rush you a replacement! E-mail Us, or call us at (813) 365-2776.

If I sign up for the 6 month pre-paid plan, when will my credit card be charged?

You credit will be charged for the pre-paid amount up front.
For example, if you sign up for the 6 Month Pre-Paid 2-Selection Plan, your credit card will be charged the $137.70 (plus tax, where applicable). Then, after 6 months, assuming you stay on the same plan, you will be charged the same $137.70 for the next 6 months (as long as rates stay the same).

May I switch from a month-to-month plan to the 6-month pre-paid plan?

Absolutely! You may switch at any time. Then, at the end of your current paid month, your credit card will be charged for the next 6 months automatically.

What if I want to cancel my membership before the 6 months are over?

You may still cancel at any time, hassle-free. However, if we cancel prior to the conclusion of the 6 months, you will be refunded at the month-to-month rate.
For example, let's say you signed up for the 3-Selection 6 Month Plan at $185.70 but then decided to cancel after three months. Your 3 months used will be charged at the $34.95 rate (instead of the $30.95 rate). So, your refund would be $185.70 - (3 x $34.95) = $80.85...not $92.85 (half of the pre-paid rate).

How can I purchase a gift membership?

You may purchase a Gift Membership for any of our rate plans and for any duration you specify.
You essentially pre-pay for a specific number of months of service for your gift recipient. As the pre-paid gift term draws to an end, we will invite your recipient to continue his or her service by providing us with the appropriate billing information. (You are only charged when you purchase the Gift Membership, for the number of months of service you request.)
To purchase a gift membership, just send us an e-mail with the following information:
      • Your Name and Phone Number
      • The Name, Birthdate, and Address of the Gift Recipient
      • The Plan: 1, 2, 3, 4 Selections - click here for details
      • The Number of Months You Want
We will set up the account for you to activate with your credit card.
Have the subscription begin on a specific date, or upon the recipient's initial log in.
Just tell us how you want to do it.

How much do Gift Memberships cost?

Gift Memberships rates are the same as our standard rental package. That is, if you purchase a Gift Membership for fewer than 6 months, the price is the monthly rate for the plan you have selected (1, 2, 3, or 4 selections at-a-time) TIMES the number of months you are purchasing. For example, if you purchase 4 months, 2 selections at-a-time, your price for the Gift Membership would be 26.95 X 4, or $109.80.
If you purchase a Gift embership for 6 months or more, we will apply the 6-month rate on a prorated basis. For example, the standard 6 month rate for 2 selections at-a-time is $137.70, or $22.95 per month. So, if you buy a 10-month, 2 selection at-a-time membership, your price for the Gift Membership would be 10 x $22.95, or $229.50.
Sales tax will added to all rates for Florida residents.

Can I buy a Gift Membership for myself?

Yes. You may essentially pre-pay for any number of months of service you want for yourself beyond your current pre-paid term.
Gift Memberships must be purchased as pre-paid service. Gift Memberships cannot replace an existing term; they can only be added to an existing term. If you are enjoying a monthly plan, you are permitted to pre-purchase any number of months you choose, according to our standard rate tables.
If you have any questions, please e-mail or call us at 813.365.2776.

What is an MP3-CD?
MP3 is a digital format that compresses large audio files into small files. An MP3-CD can hold about 10 to 16 hours of content, while a regular CD can hold up to 80 minutes of content. This is why 99% of audiobooks fit on one MP3-CD. Rarely is an audiobook beyond two MP3-CD's.

What devices can I use to listen to MP3-CD's?
Many new cars come with MP3-CD players, and many after-market car stereos can play MP3-CDs. Most automobile audio systems manufactured after 2005 will play MP3-CDs. You can also listen directly from most DVD players and computers. To find out if your CD player will play MP3-CDs, consult the owner's manual or contact the manufacturer of your CD player.

Why aren't all books available on MP3-CD's?
Only a few publishers are currently releasing audiobooks in MP3-CD format, but the number of publishers are constantly increasing. As their availability increases more selections will become available.

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