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Am I eligible for the 2 Week Free Trial?
On the Go Books offers a 2 Week Free Trial to New Members who sign up for the 1- or 2-Selection Plan.  We make this offer so that potential members may become accustomed to this type of a rental program with no risk whatsoever.

What are the terms of the 2 Week Free Trial?
The Free Trial is available to New Members of the 1- or 2-Selection Plan, and can only be redeemed by one member per household. Members who have canceled their membership and wish to re-join at a later date will not be granted the free trial.
To be eligible for the free trial, a customer must fully register as an On the Go Books member.  Specifically, the customer will provide all the necessary account information requested by On the Go Books.  The customer will also provide a valid credit card for the account.  The Membership only becomes active upon credit card authorization.
NOTE:  While On the Go Books will run the credit card for authorization, there will be no charge to the credit card until after the two week free trial has expired.
The date of member registration counts as the first day of membership.  On the morning of the 15th day of membership, the credit card will be charged for the next month's membership fee (or 6-month term fee, if applicable), provided the member has not canceled the membership prior to this time.
If a member cancels the membership prior to the expiration of the free trial, the member must immediately return all outstanding audiobooks, in their entirety, to On the Go Books.  If all outstanding audiobooks are not RECEIVED BY ON THE GO BOOKS within 7 days of cancellation, the member will be charged the 1st month's membership fee.  The membership will then be reactivated and remain open until all audiobooks are returned or alternative settlement is reached between the member and On the Go Books.

Why does On the Go Books require my credit card when I am signing up for the Free Trial?
We require the credit card for convenience and security.  The assumption is that the trial membership will transition to a paid membership, as most do.  We do not want to interrupt service to secure and process a credit card once the membership has already started.
On the Go Books must also secure the assets (the audiobooks) it is sending to free trial members.

Do I need to do anything at the conclusion of the Free Trial?
We hope after the two week trial that you will see the great value and high level of customer service On the Go Books provides and want to continue your membership.  If such is the case, you do not need to do anything at the conclusion of the free trial.  Your membership will simply transition to a Paid Membership, and your credit card will begin to be charged on a monthly basis for as long as you choose.

May I cancel my membership before the Free Trial has expired, even if I still have audiobooks checked out?
Yes.  If you want to cancel your membership, please advise us (via e-mail or phone call) prior to the conclusion of the free trial period.  Remember, your membership will become a Paid Membership and you credit card will automatically be charged on the morning of the 15th day of membership.  (The day you sign up is your 1st day.)
Once you inform On the Go Books that you wish to cancel, you will have seven days to ensure that all outstanding audiobooks are returned to and received by us without any charges.
What are the Rates for membership with On the Go Books?
VIEW OUR COMPLETE RATE TABLE.  Remember, the 2 Week Free Trail applies only to Plans 1 & 2 (those plans allowing 1 or 2 Selections at a time, billed on either a monthly or biannual basis).  Plans 3 and 4 are billed immediately upon activation.









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